Meditation and Empowerment of Women and Girls

The 2010 annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative was especially notable due to the addition of the Empowerment of Women and Girls as one of the four distinct action areas to be discussed. Cheryl Saban reporting for Huffinton Post commented: "The consequence of not focusing on empowering women and girls - particularly in developing nations, totalitarian regimes, and war-ravaged regions, is that these nations won't realize the substantial gains and returns they would have, if they had invested in girls and women." Read more about empowerment through meditation...

Change a girl's world, inspire her to meditate

"Today's young woman is feeling more conflicted and concerned about her image and value than ever before," says Jess Weiner, author of A Very Hungry Girl. "Here's a sobering fact: when girls feel bad about their looks, 70 percent disconnect from life, avoiding normal activities like attending school or even giving their opinion. Sure, we all have bad days and moments when we want to pull the blanket over our heads, but when an entire generation of future leaders, thinkers and mothers disconnects from life because they are unhappy with their appearance, the possible repercussions on our society are profound.”

Meditate, and enjoy self esteem in the work place

Women are the major breadwinners in 40 percent of families. Portfolio magazine editor Joanne Lipman insists that though women are half the work force, they still suffer from lack of self esteem and criticism from their male counterparts. Lipman argues that the success of women has been 'mismeasured' and that attitudes must change for women to enjoy their success. Read more about women's self esteem