Meditation and Empowerment of Women and Girls

The annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative was especially notable due to the addition of the Empowerment of Women and Girls as one of the four distinct action areas to be discussed. Cheryl Saban reporting for Huffinton Post commented: "The consequence of not focusing on empowering women and girls - particularly in developing nations, totalitarian regimes, and war-ravaged regions, is that these nations won't realize the substantial gains and returns they would have, if they had invested in girls and women."

I think the Clinton Global Initiative to Empower Women and Girls reflects a shift in global consciousness — from the masculine qualities of aggression and greed to softer to more feminine qualities of cooperation, nurturing and trust. Women are rising to take responsibility for global change, and there is growing recognition that change begins in our own consciousness. I am not just talking about becoming more aware of the challenges of women and girls, but actually transforming our consciousness to be more enlightened. The inner wisdom, tenderness, creativity and intelligence of woman is a precious resource that needs to be nourished and unfolded.

As a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, I see women of all ages gain great benefit from having a tool to dive within and connect to their creativity, energy and happiness, while at the same time gain deep relaxation and release stress and fatigue. I'd like to see this kind of tool for personal development, be part of the Clinton Global Initiative to help women gain inner strength, confidence and empowerment.

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  1. Yes! This is a great idea. As a TM teacher in the eastern part of NC, I too see women and girls grow wonderfully when they learn how to go within at will. A 10 year old girl recently said after one day of practicing TM: "now I know how to feel better anytime." When we feel good, it is easier to make good decisions, achieve more, and spontaneously be appreciated.