Transcendental Meditation and Getting out of a Rut

"Many people feel trapped by their circumstances. The main problem we need to address when feeling trapped, is the feeling of being trapped - not the circumstances, per se. As long as the focus remains on the circumstances, the entrapment will continue." Russel Bishop, international consultant and life coach.

I find that Transcendental Meditation is a great way to get out of a rut (and stay out!) because it de-fogs the mind so you can clearly hear your inner voice again. Stress, worries and fatigue cramp the mind's natural appetite for life and ability to handle challenges. When the awareness is dull and uncreative, one's circumstances can seem doomed. The feeling of being trapped comes from consciousness being stuck on the surface level of the mind. Looking for a way out of a situation and not being able to see beyond the circumstances creates even more stress and frustration.

Most people find that resolving a troubled situation is much easier if you can get some distance from it. The TM technique allows you to transcend the problem and contact deeper levels of Being that are teaming with creativity and inspiration. I'm not talking about just watching your thoughts or breath, but diving deep within where the mind gets satiated with its own silence and inner bliss.

Within just a few minutes of practice of Transcendental Meditation, the mind feels relieved of tension as it effortlessly settles and expands beyond its normal limitations. After meditation, one sees the same old rut with new perspectives and insights and even the most mundane activity is infused with fun and energy.
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  1. I agree completely. I have seen many of my friends experience exactly the same thing. They feel fresher and happier after meditating. As a result, the problem they had before meditation no longer exists. The Transcendental Meditation technique seems to be most effective at providing deep rest and reducing stress in a relatively short period of time (20 minutes).