Science is taking the mysticism out of meditation

With the advancement of neuroscience, researchers are now identifying the physiological correlates of higher states of consciousness as described in the ancient Vedic texts. It's interesting that higher consciousness has been found to have its own unique brain wave signature, different from ordinary waking state consciousness. EEG coherence throughout the entire brain is now associated with the experiences of heightened awareness, eternity, inner silence, creativity and bliss (for example, see the research studies in the neuroscience journal 'Consciousness and Cognition,' 2010).

Brain patterns associated with higher stages of human development are being closely studied by scientists at The Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management, in Iowa. By documenting the changes that take place in the brain and physiology during and after meditation, science is taking the mysticism out of spiritual development.

As a meditation teacher, everyday I see Christians and people of all religions (as well as people of no religion) happily integrating meditation techniques into their life with no conflict. This acceptance is due in part to the extensive scientific research verifying the practical benefits of meditation. Aspects of Eastern knowledge, such as certain non-religious meditation techniques, are universal and compatible not only with modern science but with other religious and cultural traditions.
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  1. I've just become a 'blogger' and I'm really impressed with your blogsite . I'm also a TM teacher (in Adelaide,Australia) and am keen to help women understand the benefits if Transcendental Meditation. We have a website I'll see if I can get your blog onto it (am not super tech-savvy as yet but if you have any hints or ideas let me know)

  2. Love your website and hope you will find it easy to link to Mediation for Women. The Transcendental Meditation is practiced by people all over the world with ease and success.

  3. How exciting to know more about the science of TM!I would like to begin practicing it.So glad this was a sidebar(link) when I was on fb!

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