Yoga: A Dimension Beyond the Physical

"Union" or Yoga is a state of consciousness where a person experiences that everything is made of the same infinite silence and vibrant energy that is one's own consciousness. It is an awareness that can not be contrived, but naturally dawns with the practice of meditation. Read more..

Meditation and Religion
Most likely, the daily practice of transcending the material world and gaining the non-material, purely spiritual side of life was once an important part of all the great religions, but over time understanding became distorted and lost. I think this meditation can re-enliven the great religions and make them more relevant, as well as bring spirituality to those who have no religious beliefs. Read more about meditation and religion

The physiology of higher consciousness 
With the advancement of neuroscience, researchers are now identifying the physiological correlates of higher states of consciousness as described in the ancient Vedic texts. It's interesting that higher consciousness has been found to have its own unique brain wave signature, different from ordinary waking state consciousness. Read more about brain patterns associated with enlightenment

Meditation develops intuition

Most of us are restricted to the surface active levels of the mind and never transcend to deeper levels. It is stress that keeps the mind agitated and dull. But intuition doesn't have to be an occasional hunch or feeling. Read more about developing mental potential

Evolving toward enlightenment
Evolution of consciousness is not merely "voluntary" and doesn't wait to kick in when a person reaches "maturity." The force of evolution and laws of cause and effect are always at work, propelling everyone forward and returning karma, good and bad. Growth of consciousness can be accelerated through the practice of meditation ....Read more