Occupy Consciousness: Healing the Collective Mind

We all want a better world, yet like many we don't have time to protest for social change. What if there was a way to uplift the collective mind through our own consciousness? Not by thinking about it, but by transcending to the deepest, most silent level of unity where we're all connected. 

In support of social change, there's another powerful approach, one that's complimentary to all viewpoints -- an approach essential to social evolution, yet so quiet it's easily drowned out amid the general media's focus on the obvious and sensational.
That approach: meditation.
"Change Begins Within"
Real change begins within. Our world is as we are. It will always be necessary to affect responsible change on the outside, but whatever good can be accomplished in society depends on the quality of heart and mind of those creating the change -- individually and collectively.
Besides, everybody needs to dissolve stress, and research shows that effective meditation is the most powerful stress buster there is. Stress wears you down. It clouds your mind and diverts you from right decisions. Doctors say it can kill you. And the total stress of all individuals coalesces to become collective stress--affecting the overall quality of life in society.
Imagine: countless numbers of people across the country, in their homes or together in meditation halls, sitting, closing their eyes and transcending, experiencing a level of consciousness where we're all interconnected. What if, by silently stirring this underlying, unified field, an influence of orderliness and cooperation could be created throughout collective consciousness -- dissolving social tensions and relieving government gridlock, stimulating economic confidence and supporting positive change? Learn how to meditate
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