Staying Centered During Stressful Times: How Meditation Can Help

As a meditation teacher, I find that people are often drawn to turning inward during periods of personal crisis, seeking to anchor themselves.

Rather than numbing fears and anxieties with alcohol, drugs or something from outside themselves, it's encouraging that more and more people feel confident that the mind is powerful enough to provide strength and stability from within.

Can strengthening our connection to the calm, unchanging depths of our being through meditation bring steadiness and resilience in the face of change?

Neuroscience has found that a state of heightened EEG coherence is produced during Transcendental Meditation practice, which overtime improves brain performance and changes how our brain deals with stress. Other studies on the TM technique show faster recovery from sleep deprivation and a healthier response of the nervous system to stressful stimuli.

Scientists are identifying the physiology of deep transcendence during TM practice, as distinct from other mind/body states. A more restful heart rate, slower metabolism, increased skin resistance, stillness of breath, greater reduction of blood lactate and cortisol and widespread alpha coherence all indicate a neurophysiological state not seen during sleep or ordinary eyes-closed relaxation, and also very different from meditation practices like contemplation, concentration or watching your thoughts.
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