Meditating Moms: Nourishing your self from the inside out.

We’d like to think we’ll be able to ignore our needs while taking care of children, work and home. But, becoming overwhelmed with responsibilities, many mothers are tired, anxious or depressed. Moms need meditation probably more than anyone.

Many mothers find that fitting meditation into their day more than makes up for the time it takes. The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to learn and effortless to practice. Its a powerfully effective stress buster that doesn't require clearing your busy mind of thoughts or having to concentrate or focus. Research has found that TM practice produces a state of
profound relaxation, much deeper than ordinary rest and accompanied by increased alertness and orderly brain function. Regular practice results in decreased depression and anxiety, reduced insomnia and hypertension.

By diving deep within during TM practice the mind effortlessly settles to quieter levels of thinking and transcends the worries, pressures and agitation of the surface mind. Experiencing inner silence, happiness and energy not only replenishes our depleted reserves but creates vibrant consciousness and a naturally relaxed, stress resilient physiology. Intuition, patience, wisdom, love, all the divine qualities associated with Motherhood grow spontaneously with the deep rest and nourishment gained from regular TM practice.

Whether it's during your baby's nap, or after the kids go to or come home from school, taking time to meditate prepares you for being ‘on’ for others. If you work outside the home, meditating first thing in the morning or on your break at work may be best.

At the Asheville, NC Center for the Transcendental Meditation program, moms meet-up for group meditation and inspiration regularly. Child care is provided for young children, so moms can easily take a 'time in' while kids enjoy playing in the peaceful atmosphere and bliss of the TM center.

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