Self worth begins with Self realization

Realizing self worth begins with Self realization. As a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, I see women gain a steady sense of self worth as they turn within and effortlessly transcend to the deepest level of their own being, which is eternal, silent and blissful. When ever I have felt a slight tinge of insecurity or worry about what others are thinking of me, I know its time to meditate and get beyond the surface.

With practice, the Transcendental Meditation technique helps develop higher consciousness and identification with more of the inner glory of the Self instead of the changing circumstances of life, the ups and downs of karma and opinions of others.

Even women with status and wealth can have a poor self image if they look to the outside to evaluate them selves. We have to be anchored in the non-changing essence of our being to feel confident in who we really are.

"The world is as you are", Maharishi once said. Self worth begins with in.