Meditation and growth of intuition

In a recent article on the Huffington post,
Premonitions and Spirituality Dr. Larrry Dossey states: "Premonitions therefore imply that we are not isolated individuals, but beings whose consciousness operates outside the present and beyond our physical body. They suggest that in some sense we are nonlocal or infinite in space in time. When we deeply sense this, we may become "transparent to the transcendent," as mythologist Joseph Campbell put it."
As a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, I recognize the value of daily meditation for developing higher consciousness and intuition. My comments on this article are as follows:
Becoming "transparent to the transcendent," is actually something that can be developed and cultivated. Consciousness is more expanded and unified with all of creation at its deeper levels. Quieter levels of the mind contain more truth and are not bound by time and space.

Most of us are restricted to the surface active levels of the mind and never transcend to deeper levels. It is stress that keeps the mind agitated and dull. But intuition doesn't have to be an occasional hunch or feeling. The Transcendental Meditation technique clears the mind of the cobwebs and frees it to fathom its full expanse. With practice, one develops clearer thinking and many women comment that they start to live more by their deeper instincts and feelings and good intuition becomes the norm.

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