Can Meditation improve Gross National Happiness?

"Neoclassical economics have long quantified happiness through measurements in consumption and profits. Yet we now find ourselves in a post-plenty economy, one that lends itself to a new, less consumer-orientated mentality. The growing shift in people's orientation away from material gain and toward genuine happiness is a powerful indicator that the old way of measuring progress and wealth is no longer relevant." Shelly A. Lewis writes of a growing trend in countries around the world to measure Gross National Happiness as an indicator of progress in the nation.

Hopefully measuring national happiness, will help us focus on deeper more meaningful aspects of life, and lead people to realize that transitory pleasures never bring lasting happiness. In my work for the David Lynch Foundation­, I find teaching at-risk children the Transcende­ntal Meditation technique is one of the most valuable tools you can give a young person. They grow in self worth and inner happiness as they daily meditate and transcend the stress and superficia­lity of life.

A regular meditation practice allows one to contact the unchanging­, non-materi­al, silent, yet vibrant depths of Being—whic­h anchors one in contentmen­t and peace through all the ups and downs of life.
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