Feminism: Can meditation add a new dimension?

Great article on the evolution of feminism appeared in the Huffington Post today. The author points out that although women have achieved greater freedom and responsibility, fewer women like to think of themselves as feminist. 

Since the rise of feminism in America, many women have taken on more challenges and have become more taxed by the stress of multi-tasking and increased pressures of career and family life. More women are on anti-depre­ssants and Prozak than ever before. We have become more stressed out and thereby less powerful in our natural ability to be nourishing and harmonizin­g to family, friends and co-workers­.

I think a woman's greatest resource is her consciousn­ess—the clarity or her mind and depth or her heart. As a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique for women, I see women gain enormous strength and respect when they are able to draw on their inner power—the energy, intelligen­ce and vibrancy of their own Being. Adding this spiritual dimension of developing the divine feminine at the core of our consciousn­ess will allow us to be more resourcefu­l, more relaxed, more creative and successful in our endeavors.
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