TED MED: Streaming Brain waves To Your Cell Phone

Sleep researcher Phillip Low reports on an new technology for self-monitoring abnormal brain function to prevent pathologies. Low describes how brain waves can be measured by an EEG devise and then the signal is sent to a cell phone. Low hopes that by self monitoring, there can be early detection of brain disorders.

Why not also monitor healthy and exceptional brain function, like that which occurs during peak mental performance or deep meditation? Already students at Maharishi University of Management use EEG reports to monitor the growth of higher brain function and coherence resulting from their meditation.[1] The practice of meditation and other healthy life style choices can positively effect the brain and may help prevent Alzheimer's, ADHD, dementia, depression etc. Hopefully this new technology will allow researchers to understand more about both healthy and unhealthy brains. Reference:

1. Increased EEG Coherence during Transcendental Meditation, International Journal of Neuroscience 14: 147–151, 1981.
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