Stress and Addiction -- How Meditation helps us Cope

September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, as proclaimed by President Obama. This year the Recovery Month theme highlights how psychological stress contributes to alcohol and/or drug use, and the disorders or relapse that may follow.

I have been the teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique to recovering addicts for several years. Often I hear how much they appreciate the deep inner calm they gain from their practice and direct connection to "their higher power." Many report that the TM technique gives them the ability to transcend the pattern of gratification through substance abuse. Experts in addiction tell us the relationship between stress and addiction is deeper than circumstantial; indeed, it runs right down to the cells in our brain. The Transcendental Meditation technique has been found to improve brain functioning and create deep coherent rest for the physiology, helping behavior.

The 12 step program is amazing, and adding the practice of Transcendental Meditation helps give the recovering addict a powerful tool for releasing stress, improving brain functioning and experiencing inner happiness.">

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