Building a Time Machine vs. Meditating

Stephen Hawking, physicist and cosmologist, talks about how to build a time machine in an article for the Daily Mail. "To do that we need a truly enormous machine. The ship would have to be big enough to carry a huge amount of fuel, enough to accelerate it to nearly the speed of light."

Probing inner space during the Transcendental Meditation technique, one discovers the farthest reaches of the universe are actually within. This is not imaginary, but an ontological reality. It is substantiated by cutting-edge unified field theories in quantum physics which propose that consciousness is fundamental to the physical universe.

The ancient records of the Vedic seers describe different levels of spacetime co-existing within one human consciousness. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi revived the technologies for exploring inner space, demonstrating that consciousness is a field of all possibilities. Transcending the surface, active level of the mind during the TM technique allows one to effortlessly fathom deeper layers of time and space within. The mind can travel faster than light and experience the whole cosmos, all within the timeless universal field of unbounded consciousness. We need to develop the infinite potential of the human mind instead of building bigger space crafts.

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